8.1) The Mess will run on a no-profit no-loss basis by the House Keeper and Mess Committee, under the general supervision of the Warden and the Provost. The hostel residents are to actively participate in the running of their mess. Mess duties for the residents are compulsory and will be decided by the House Keeper, Mess Secretary and the Warden.

8.2) The accounts of the mess shall be controlled by the hostel office.

8.3) Food will not be served to the residents outside the Dining Hall.

  • Food cannot be taken by the residents/employees outside the Dining Hall without permission. In case of sickness, a resident may have her meal in her room in her own utensils with the prior permission of the Warden/House Keeper.
  • Any person found carrying or in possession of any mess utensil outside the mess, would be liable to disciplinary action. Residents are advised to avoid having utensils resembling those of the mess for their personal use. In case personal steel utensils resembling those of the hostel are found being brought to the mess these are liable  to be confiscated.

8.4) A resident who desires to entertain a lady guest in the Dining Hall is required to order meals for the guest by purchasing the requisite meal coupons without coupons no outsider/guest will be allowed in the Mess. Meal charges for a guest per day are as follows

Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner:  Rs. 60.00 per meal/per person

Special Lunch/Dinner:  (To be decided as per menu and occasion.)

The above rates are liable to change from time to time.

8.5) Any resident who wants to have a lady guest in the hostel must get her guest registered by applying on the prescribed form. The permission for stay will be granted by the Warden/Sr. Assistant /House Keeper in advanced. Registration for guest should be done before 9.00 p.m. without registration no guest will be allowed to stay in the hostel. Charges for over night stay are Rs. 50/-per night. The maximum period of stay shall not exceed ten days for any guest, in a month. At the time of being registered for over night stay it is for the guest to buy food coupons for Dinner and Breakfast compulsorily in advance for all the days she wants to stay in the Hostel but not exceeding ten days in a month. For lunch, however, she shall have to buy separate coupon as and when she desires to have lunch in the Hostel Mess during her stay as a guest. All child guests should be registered for overnight stay, which should not exceed ten days, after obtaining special prior permission from the Provost. Meal coupons for such registered guests for overnight stay must be purchased as mentioned above.


Meals in the hostel will be served during the following hours:

Breakfast  –  7.45 A.M. to 8.45 A.M.

Lunch  – 1.00 P.M.  to 2.00 P.M.

Evening Tea – 4.00 P.M.  to 5.00 P.M.

Dinner – 8.00 P.M. to 9.00   P.M.

Male Visitors :

  • Week days – 04.00 PM to 08.00 PM
  • Sundays and all University Holidays – 10.00 AM to 01.00 PM & 04.00 PM to 08.00 PM

Female Visitors :

  • All days – 8.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M.


Hostel gate will be locked by 10.00 P.M. In case a resident wants to go out after attendance in the mess but wants to return before 10.00 p.m. She should sign in the register at the gate both the time of going out and coming in. The residents are required to give daily attendance.

  1. No resident is allowed to shift from one room to another without prior written permission of the Provost. No furniture should be shifted from one room to another without prior written permission of hostel administration.
  2. Residents are responsible for the safety of hostel properly. Residents found responsible for causing any damage to the hostel property will be charged individually or collectively as the case may be. Disciplinary action may be taken against such residents, if required.
  3. All residents, except research students shall vacate their rooms immediately after annual examinations. Extension for stay beyond the permitted date as ‘resident guests’ may be allowed to residents eligible for re-admission by the Provost. M.Phil. and Ph.D students shall inform the hostel office in writing about their intension to stay in/to leave the hostel during the period of summer vacation.
  4. The Hostel mess may/may not function during the summer vacation for those who are permitted (in writing) to stay in the hostel during that period, if the mess functions, the charges will be as per arrangement.
  5. Residents must hand-over the complete charge of their room before leaving the hostel at the end of the course and must obtain a clearance certificate from the hostel office. A copy of clearance certificate is to be handed over to the Security Guard on duty before leaving the hostel premises. The Guard on duty should submit this copy to the Hostel office for record.
  6. Residents who take up full-time jobs and/or discontinue their studies or research, or who have completed their Ph.D./M.Phil Programme in the middle of the session, shall inform the hostel office in writing and leave the hostel within one month clearing all dues.
  7. Residents working on a temporary basis who continue to be bonafide students of a University/college may be allowed to stay in the hostel on payment of an amount as per rules. All such residents must inform the office immediately on getting the job.
  8. The residency of those residents, who fail to intimate to the authorities about their employment status, will be terminated and they will be required to vacate the hostel accommodation immediately after clearing their dues. Such residents, who do not inform the Provost of their appointments and do not take special permission from her for stay, will be charged a penal rent of Rs.5000/- per month from the date of their appointment.
  9. Residents are not allowed to hand over the keys of their rooms to any person other than the hostel aouthorities.
  10. Residents are not allowed to engage any person for personal service. No employee of the hostel will be asked to do personal job by any resident.
  11. Residents are expected to maintain hygienic & cleanliness while come to the Dining Hall.
  12. Residents must inform the administration in writing about their absence from the hostel whenever they take a night out. They should also give the address at which they may be contacted. If necessary, in their absence (if it is for more than 3 days without information) the room will be double-locked and the key of the hostel lock will be available with the Security Guard on duty.
  13. In case any resident remains away from the Hostel for more than 7 days without informing the Hostel, administration in writing, it will be presumed that she has left the hostel, and hostel administration reserves the right to take possession of the room and re-allot it to another student. The luggage of the resident concerned, if any, will be deposited in the store/any other room of the hostel. If the luggage is not claimed within three months, the Hostel Administration may dispose it off in any manner considered suitable. A penal rent @ Rs. 50/- per day in addition to the normal charges for the period during which the luggage remains unclaimed shall be payable by the concerned person.
  14. Admission shall be terminated in case of a student against whom disciplinary action has been taken by a department/college/hostel of the University of Delhi.
  15. The room/s of resident/s shall be double-locked if at a given point of time, the hostel and mess dues outstanding towards them exceed the amount of hostel and mess caution money.
  16. All students seeking renewal of admission for the following year but securing less than 50% marks in the previous examination or essential repeat in any paper will have to share the room, if so required, by the Admission Committee.
  17. Residents are not permitted to receive male visitors either in the Dining Hall, Common Room or in their rooms in the hostel. Guests are to be received only in the Visitor’s area.
  18. The residents can avail 12 night outs in a month, in case they are availing the night out they have to submit information to the hostel authorities.
  19. Residents who intend to remain absent overnight from the hostel are required to make necessary entries in the Night Leave Register, giving the address and Tel. No. (if any) of her destination. The hostel officials (Provost/ Warden/ Resident Tutor/ Sr. Asstt./House Keeper) must be intimated by the resident about the date and duration of absence from the Hostel by obtaining their signature on the Night Leave book. Research students desirous of taking leave of absence from the hostel for more than 7 days, are required to get their leave applications forwarded and recommended by their research supervisor and countersigned by Head of the Department and submit the same in the hostel office for permission well before proceeding on leave.
  20. No resident shall proceed on long leave without entering in the Night Out register and without clearing any pending due/mess-duty etc. Disciplinary action, including expulsion, would be taken against a resident who fails to comply with these requirements.
  21. A resident should possess the identity card at all times as it can be checked by the hostel authorities or security guards at the gate. In case of loss a duplicate Identify card-wili be issued on payment of Rs.150/- (Rs. 50/- as fine + RS.100/- as cost of the I. Card). However on production of a not traceable certificate from the Police, fine will not be imposed.
  22. Since the electrical installations of the hostel cannot carry any extra load, the use of electrical appliances such as heater stove, immersion rod etc. in the hostel by the residents is strictly forbidden. Any kind of cooking inside the rooms is prohibited. Residents are warned against tampering with electrical installations in the rooms or hostel premises (inclusive of water pump). Disciplinary action will be taken against those who violate these rules.
  23. No outsiders, food delivery etc. will be allowed after 10:00 p.m. for security reasons.
  24. Residents who park their cycle/scooter in the hostel premises are to keep them properly locked Residents are to keep their rooms locked whenever they go out. The hostel is not responsible for loss of valuables due to theft or fire. However any case of theft is to be reported immediately to the hostel authorities. Residents are requested not to leave their belongings in the verandas, garden, toilets etc. Unclaimed items will be confiscated by the hostel officials.
  25. The Provost, Warden, Resident tutor and the House Keeper or their nominee shall have the authority to enter any room and to make a ‘surprise’ check of the room as and when considered necessary.
  26. Residents should intimate the office immediately of any change in addresses and telephone Nos. of parents and local guardians.
  27. Resident are required to abide by all rules and instrutions given in the Bulletin of Information and which are notified on the Notiice Board. They are not to plead ignorance of the same. They are to co-operate with the hostel staff and actively.
  28. Each resident/guest resident is required to do a minimum of three mess duties in one academic year. A resident who fails to do her mess duty on an assigner day will be fined Rs.500/- for each missed duty in an academic year
  29. Residents are requested not to talk to visitors at the Hostel entry gate in order to avoid the disturbance.
  30. Residents are required not to carry on activities in her room which causes disturbances or annoyance to her neighbour or to the hostel authorities.
  31. Whenever a resident is on a night out for more than 7 days, her room will be double locked by the hostel office.
  32. In case of any violation of rule/misbehavior/indicipline by the resident the local guardian or parents may be called.

Violation of any of the hostel rules by a resident would make her liable to disciplinary action including a minimum penalty of Rs.1000/- and/or expulsion from the hostel.

  • Each student should get an Identity Card from the Hostel office and keep it in her personal possession for verification on demand. In case of academic excursion/field work the residents of the non-research category must get their leave applications for permission duly signed by Head of the Department and submit it in the Hostel office well before proceeding on leave.
  • Possession and/or use of alcoholic drinks, narcotic drugs etc. is strictly prohibited in the hostel.
  • A resident, or visitor who violates any of the Hostel or University rules or creates disturbance in the hostel, is liable to appropriate disciplinary action by the Provost No. 30, 31.
  • At the time of admission, every student shall be required to sign a declaration that she submits herself to the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Vice-Chancellor, the Proctor, the Provost and other authorities of the Hostel who may be vested with the authority to exercise discipline under the acts, the Statues, the Ordinances (XVB, XVC, XVD) and Rules that have been framed by the University and the hostel. (Ordinance XVB, XVC and XVD are enclosed in Appendix I, II and III)
  • Residents are expected to give due respect to Hostel staff (office employees, mess and safai karamcharis, malis and security staff). If and when residents encounter any problem with or lapse on the part of any employee/s they may report the same to Resident Tutor/Warden. In case the resident/s is/are not satisfied with the action taken by the RT/Warden in this regard, the matter may be brought to the notice of Provost. However, residents shall not take the law in their own hands and do anything to hurt the honour and dignity of hostel employees. Any act of misconduct towards the hostel employees on the part of a residents will be treated as an act of serious breach of discipline.
  • No resident shall indulge in any activity in the Hostel premises other than academic and the Residents’ Union activities.
  • No notices can be put up on any of the notice-boards of the Hostel without written permission/signature of the Provost. Sticking of unauthorised bills, posters or notices in any of the public spaces within the Hostel premises is strictly prohibited and violation of this provision shall be treated as an act of serious indiscipline on the part of the defaulter.

NOTE : Notwithstanding any provision in the previous pages, the Provost is the final authority in matters of discipline, admission and over all functioning of the Hostel.


  • The Provost can for any default on the part of a resident, such as suppression of information in the application for admission, act of indiscipline, violation of any of the duly prescribed rules, indulgence in indecent or violent behaviour, or for any other reason deemed sufficient for taking a disciplinary action, issue warning, intimate the parents/guardian, Head of the Department/supervisor, if any, impose fine minimum of Rs. 1000/-, double-lock the room/ cancel the allotment of room of a resident/expel or forcibly evict a resident at the risk and cost of the resident or take any other disciplinary action, including banning the entry to the hostel and recommending non issuance or de-recognition of degrees, depending upon the gravity of the act of indiscipline committed by a resident.

The procedure for taking the disciplinary action:

  • The Provost or on her direction the Warden/Resident Tutor will call for an explanation from the defaulting resident giving a minimum of three-day notice.
  • On receiving the reply from the concerned resident the Provost may get the entire matter enquired into by any appropriate person/committee and take necessary action on receiving the report of the inquiry officer/committee.
  • If no reply is received from the defaulting resident within the time stipulated in the letter seeking her explanation, the Provost may take appropriate disciplinary action straight away without holding an inquiry in the matter.
  • First time offenders will receive a warning and the corresponding number of late nights/night outs will be deducted from the following month’s quota.
  • If the resident breaks the rules a second time, all late nights/night outs will be suspended for the following months and the local guardian will be asked to inform the parents.
  • In case of a third time offenders, her parents will be informed in writing and requested to withdraw their ward from the Hostel. The disciplinary action taken by the Provost will be final.

Procedure for forcible eviction:

  • Forcible eviction shall be undertaken by an Eviction Committee to be constituted by the Provost and, if necessary, with the inclusion of University Security/Proctorial staff. All luggage, articles, books, documents etc. shall be put in sacks/bags/boxes etc. or otherwise appropriately wrapped up. The same shall be duly sealed In the presence of the Eviction Committee and kept securely in Hostel store/any other room under proper lock and key. The luggage so kept may be collected by the owner within two weeks, failing which the owner may forfeit claim on the luggage or she may be charged demurrage @ Rs. 50/- per day after the expiry of two weeks.
  • The residents with a specific objective to promote academic/intellectual, cultural and recreational activities in the hostel may elect Hostel Union according to the constitution adopted by the General Body of the hostel residents. The Hostel Union consists of all regular bonafide residents of the hostel. The Union shall function as per the Constitution framed for the purpose. The elected Hostel Union Executive consists of President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Mess Secretary, Sports Secretary, Cultural Secretary and Computer Secretary. The term of office bearers shall be coterminous with the term of their admission to the hostel.


  • The executive is in-charge of the Common Room and organization of games and, other social cultural activities under the general supervision of the Provost.
  • It will prepare the Union Budget and have it passed in a General Body Meeting under the Chairperson ship of the Provost.
  • All collections and expenditure should be made through the hostel office and should have the prior approval of the Provost.
  • All activities of the Union shall have prior approval of the Provost.
  • The Common Room and Computer Room shall remain open during specified hours.


In the Hostel there are various committees under the supervision of Provost, Warden and Resident Tutor these are:

  1. Anti Ragging Committee
  2. Committee Against Racial Discrimination and Harassment of Students North Eastern Region of India
  3. Committee against Sexual Harassment
  4. Anti-Smoking Committee
  5. Mess Committee
  6. Cultural Committee
  7. Maintenance & Disciplinary Committee
  8. Prevention of caste based discrimination committee