All applications for admission/renewal of admission to the hostel, duly recommended by the Head of the institution where the applicant is admitted, should be made on the prescribed form available from the office of the Meghdoot Hostel on payment of Rs. 150/- from candidates belonging to General Category and Rs. 100/-from candidates belonging to SC/ST/PWD/EWS Categories.

In case the Bulletin is required by post an additional charge of Rs. 50/- to be levied for postage within India. The application for admission or renewal of admission in the prescribed form duly filled should reach the office of the hostel, as per the following schedule:-

(a) Research Students:

Renewal of admission : Before 31st July 2019 (Interview where necessary)

(b) Non Research Students :

Renewal of admission : As soon as they are promoted and re-admitted to their respective courses in the University but within 10 days of the declaration of results. However, students whose result is declared in May/June may apply only after 31st July 2019

The list of candidates to be interviewed and admitted would be notified on the hostel notice board and hostel website ( from time to time according to the schedule.

No fresh application will be accepted in the non-research category after the month of August and in research category after October/November in the given academic year, or whenever all the seats get filled, whichever is earlier.

Candidates accepted for admission will be required to pay the requisite fees along with three recent passport size photographs for Identity Card and Health Centre Card.

If any candidate fails to pay the fees within the stipulated time as notified, her admission will be treated as cancelled.

Admission Committee:

Admission to the Hostel will be done through an Admission Committee consisting of Provost (Chairperson), Warden (Member) and Resident Tutor (Member). Apart from this the Managing Committee of each hostel may co-opt observers from amongst its members on the Admission Committee.

Student satisfying all the following eligibility criteria will be considered for admission:

2.1. The applicant should be a full-time bonafide post-graduate student of the University of Delhi or she should be a full-time degree student admitted to a post-graduate department/ faculty of the University. She should not be enrolled in a part-time or evening course.

2.2. Her parents/spouse should not be residing in National Capital Territory of Delhi and whitin a radius of 70 Kilometres from the hostel. However the PWD Students of Delhi University residing in National Capital Region within aforesaid radius will be eligible for admission to the hostel but not the residents of Delhi.

2.3. She should not be employed anywhere on full-time, part-time, ad-hoc or temporary basis. However, temporary or ad-hoc lecturers of University/College may be allowed to stay so long as they are bonafide research students (only during the first registration, i.e., first four years of the Ph.D. programme).

2.4. She should not have availed of Delhi University/College hostel facility for a course of the same level earlier. No student can avail of the hostel seat twice on the basis of a course/ degree of the same level. In this context, for the purpose of admission to the hostel, the full­time courses like L.L.B., B.Lib., B.Ed., and integrated M.A. courses conducted by a University department shall be treated at par with M.A./M.Sc. courses.

2.5. She should not have completed six years of stay in any other post-graduate hostel(s) of the University.

2.6. She should have passed the examination of the last course attended.

2.7. Admission shall not be granted to a student against whom disciplinary action has been taken by a department/college/hostel of the University of Delhi.

2.8. A student, while seeking admission and during the stay in the hostel must fulfill the criteria stated above. During the period of stay, If it is noticed that she fails to fUfill any of these conditions, she will have to vacate the hostel immediately. Suppression of information or giving wrong information pertaining to any of these eligibility criteria would make the defaulting student liable for disciplinary action as may be deemed fit by the hostel administration.

  • Applicants seeking admission to the hostel will be short-listed by the Admission Committee. Such a short-list signed by the Provost will be posted on the notice board and the shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview with the Admission Committee by giving a minimum of three-day notice. After eliminating the cause/s of grievance/s, if any, the final list of applicants selected for admission from out of the short-list already notified will be signed by the Provost and duly notified, inviting selected applications to take admission by paying the admission fee.
  • The admission is made for a period of one academic year and a fresh application is needed for re-admission at the beginning of each year. Except the M.Phil and Ph.D. scholars, residents will vacate the rooms either on or before the 1st day of the academic year or immediately after her last university examination held at the end of the academic year.
  • Admission is made on the basis of the merit list(s) and categories provided by each Department only, and other relevant criteria decided by the Admission Committee such as the region the candidates come from, their socio-economic status, etc.
  • A student who has taken admission to any one of the P.G. hostels of University of Delhi will not be considered for admission to another P.G. hostel, till she completes the course on the basis of which she had taken admission to the earlier hostel.
  • Only those applicants shall be considered for admission under the Sports quota, who have participated in sports events at the state or national level. Name(s) of applicant(s) seeking admission under the sports quota will be required to be endorsed in order of merit by the Sports Council of the University of Delhi. The hostels shall seek endorsement of the Sports Council only in those cases where the student had participated in sports events at the state or national levels and when the claim of the student is accompanied by an authentic certificate.
  • All types of reservation quotas of seats as approved by the University of Delhi shall be strictly implemented.

The total number of seats in the Meghdoot Hostel is 95? The actual number of fresh admissions will depend on vacancies available after renewal of admission of the old residents. Seats for certain categories of students are reserved as follows :

(1) Research Scholars: Ph.D. – (7%)

                                          M.Phil. – (7%)

Quota of seats for research students (M.Phil and Ph.D) in the hostel is full. However, keeping the interest of the new batch in mind and availability of the vacant seats, research students may be taken, depending upon the individual merit of the case decided by the Admission Committee of the Hostel.

(2) Foreign Students  – 2.5%

Their applications are to be routed  through  the Foreign Students’ Advisor. They are also required to do the following :

  • Get their application forwarded by the respective embassy.
  • Submit a Medical Certificate from the National Institute of Communicable Diseases, Shyam Nath Marg, Delhi-110054.

(3) Scheduled Castes – 15%

(4) Scheduled Tribes – 7.5%

(5) Visually challenged and other disabled students – 5%

(6) EWS as per Delhi University rule.

(7) PWD students who are getting fellowship/financial assistance shall be exempted from payment of Fees/Charges/Mess fees subject to the following conditions:

                Value of fellowship                                            Exemption of Fees waiver etc.

                 Upto Rs.3000/- per month                                   Fees waiver + 50% Mess subsidy

                 Rs. 3001/- to 8000/- per month                          Fee waiver but no Mess subsidy

                 Rs. 8001/- and above per month                         No fees waiver and no hostel subsidy

* NOTE : The hostel is under the process of repair and maintenance, so the available seats are subjected to change as per the fitness of the rooms for allocation.

However, the security money, mess reserve fee and Admission fee will be paid by the PWD students in all cases.

(8) Outstanding Sports Women – 1%

(The application should be routed through Director, Sports Council of University of Delhi.)

Total Seats (Rooms)  –  95 (Including SC/ST/PWD/Sports/Foreigner)

Re-admission  – 15

Vacancy  –  44

*Note : 36 rooms are under repair and may be alloted after fitness from Engineering Department.


Complaints, if any, against the applicants short-listed for interview for being considered for admission to the hostel should be given in writing to the Provost within three days after the display of the list. These complaints, if necessary, would be reviewed by the Admission Committee.

In view of the fact that names of applicant/s have to be compulsorily notified in the form of a shortlist prepared for admission, the name/s of applicants, whose objection/s has/have been sustained by the Admission Committee, shall not be automatically included in the final list under preparation for admission. However, the seat/s under dispute will not be filled and the name/s of the student/s whose objection/s had been sustained will be considered for inclusion in the next admission short-list to be notified as per the schedule given below.


Admission to the hostel will be done in three (3) phases as specified below:

Phase I:  Before September 15th, 2019

Phase II: Before November 15″’, 2019

Phase III:     Before March 15th, 2020 (if seat available)

Each of these phases may consist of one or more short-lists and interviews and admissions made accordingly.

Regular Students :

(1) A student shall be eligible to stay in the hostel for the duration of a course as per the details given below:

  • M.A./M.Sc./LLM./MBA/M.Com : 2 years
  • M.Phil: 18 months as laid down by the M.Phil Committee of the department concerned and approved by the Academic Council of the University. The term will end in June, regardless of date of admission to hostel.
  • Ph.D.: 5years from the date of registration in their department BRS as per rule laid down by University (students re-registered in Ph.D. in their department after the expiry of first 5 (as applies) years of enrolment in Ph.D. will not be eligible for admission to the hostel).
  • LLB/MCA: 3 years.
  • Maximum   duration  of   stay in   P.G. hostel system:   six years subject to above rules.

(2) A resident shall vacate the hostel within a week after completing her:

  • Statutory period of the course as specified above, or
  • M.Phil/Ph.D thesis submission, or
  • Six years in the University hostel system, whichever is earlier (for Ph.D. calculated from date of registration in the department not date of   admission in the hostel.

(3) A student who fails in the examination or fails to appear in the examination for any reason whatsoever (even on medical grounds), forfeits her right to re-admission. No student will be re-admitted and granted any extension on medical ground.

(4) At the time of readmission the applicants shall be required to submit a certificate from the Head of Department and the Supervisor (in case of M.Phil and Ph.D. students) to the effect that the student is actively engaged in research work and her work is satisfactory.

M.A., M.Sc., LL.B./MCA/MBA and students of other categories shall submit a certificate from the Principal/Head of the Department concerned every six months (in July/August and January) to the effect that they are actively engaged in the studies of their University course failing which their residency in the Hostel shall be terminated.

(5) Rooms for M.A. Previous and M.Sc. Previous will be allotted on twin sharing basislhe hostel has limited seats and to accommodate a larger number of applicants, rooms have to be shared as above. Students seeking admission are required to accept this at time of admission.


Following types of guests may be allowed to stay with the written permission of the hostel administration :

(6) Guests of Residents

Sharing a room with a bonafide resident as her host for a maximum of 10 days in a month. The charges are as follows: Lodging Charges Rs.50 per day. Compulsory food coupons Rs. 120/- per day (for Dinner & Breakfast) 11:00 a.m. checkout.

(7) Resident Guests/Guests :

  • Those students who may be allowed to stay in the hostel after the expiry of the academic year till re-admission, subject to the hostel remaining open during summer vacation.
  • M.Phil. and Ph.D. students permitted to stay for a maximum period of 6 months beyond the maximum permissible duration of stay in the hostel with a view to facilitate the submission of dissertation/thesis or for taking viva-voice examination.
  • The hostel accommodates students as guest residents for short periods who fulfill academic requirements as laid out for regular admission, on individual basis, subject to availability of seats, on the discretion of the Provost. Masters and research students permitted to stay as resident guests must pay the following charges every month except the caution money and union fund. Payments of all meals are compulsory.


  • Security Money – Rs. 3000 (Refundable)
  • Union Activities – Rs. 300
  • Maintenance Charges – Rs. 100
  • Electricity Charges – Rs. 800
  • Computer and Laundry Charges – Rs. 150
  • Lodging – Rs. 20 (per day)
  • Boarding – Rs. 180 (per day)

The guest charges are to be paid in advance by the 7th of each month. Thereafter fine will be charged @Rs. 10/- per day.

The actual mess bill shall be charged from M.Phil., guest residents only upto 2 years of her registration date.

  • Women teachers/students coming from other Universities/Institutions for attending Delhi University conferences, consulting Delhi University Library, etc. for short duration. Their application should be submitted through proper channel well in advance. Such guests needing accommodation for more than 1 month are required to deposit Rs.1000/- in advance as caution money deposit.

The charges are as follows :

For Non D. U. Students:

  • Security Money – Rs. 3000 (Refundable)
  • Lodging – Rs. 100 per day
  • Boarding – Rs. 200 per day

For Non D. U. Faculty:

  • Security Money – Rs. 1000 (Refundable)
  • Lodging – Rs. 200 per day
  • Boarding – Rs. 200 per day


  • A student against whom any disciplinary action has been taken by any Hostel or Department or Colleges of Delhi University will not be allowed to stay in a hostel as a resident or as a guest.
  • Foreign students who have to stay back in the hostel after their annual examination will be permitted to stay as guest residents.

For Regular Students

The fees payable by each resident are as follows

 Particulars                               Amount (Rs.)

A. Security Money                                  5000

B. Annual Charges

  • Admission fee                                       100
  • Crockery and utensils                          200
  • Furniture                                               200
  • Identity Card                                         100
  • Sanitation                                               500
  • Room electrical accessories               200
  • Electricity charges (Hot plates,
    Geysers, Audio visual equipment
    and other common facilities)            1200
  • Development Fund                              1000
  • Garden Fee                                            200
  • WUS Health Centre Fee                      240
  • Computer-1000/-,
    Laundry-1000/-                                    2000
  • Union and Common Room                500
  • Audio Visual Aid                                   200
  • Annual Functions                                  500
  • Sports Facilities                                     200
  • Anti-Sexual Harassment Fund           10
  •              TOTAL                                     12350

C. Quarterly Charges (from July onwards Date of admission)

  1. Establishment @Rs.50/-P.M.    Rs. 150/-
  2. Electricity Charges @Rs.800/-P.M.    Rs. 2400/-
  3. Water Charges @Rs.100/-P.M.    Rs. 300/-
  4. Room Rent @Rs.10/-P.M.    Rs. 30/-
  5. Maintenance Charges @Rs.100/-P.M.    Rs. 300/-
  6. Repair (Electric & Civil) @Rs.50/-P.M.    Rs. 150/-

TOTAL                             3330/-


The foreign students except Tibetan Students are required to pay a fee US $ 100 per year as charges in addition to A.B.C. and E. (Rs. 6000)


Advance   – Rs. 3000/-
(Monthly mess charges are likely to vary depending on actual expenditure/per month).

Total 18680

Note : WUS health centre, Electricity and water charges per head are revisable subject to change in NDPL/DJB/WUS health centre rates and actual consumption.

(For residents getting temporary/ad-hoc employment room rent of Rs. 50/- per day will be charged). Quarterly Charges – July to September, October to December, January to March Applicable from date of admission in the hostel. During the quarter April to June the residents may pay either the quarterly or per month, in case they are staying for less than a quarter.

Fees under A and B together with those under C (quarterly starting from July) D and under E (advance) are payable at the time of admission. The mess charges are payable from the date of admission to the hostel. The hostel charges under C are payable fora full quarter.

Total amount to be paid at the time of admission is Rs. 18680/-


(i) The resident joining the hostel up to 10th of the month will be charged actual mess bill and those joining from 11th onwards will be charged @Rs.3000/- or Rs.180/- per day with quarterly charges.

(ii) The resident who intends to vacate the hostel after their exam./closing date before the month is over or till the mess bill of the month is prepared to pay mess charges Rs.3000/- or Rs. 180/- per day with quarterly charges. Once the mess bill will be prepared the actual amount of the mess bill will be deducted by the office from Rs. 3000/-and balance amount will be returned to the individual resident. That amount is to be claimed within a period of one year after leaving the hostel, otherwise it will lapse. (In case the Mess bill is not paid by resident the amount will be deducted from mess advance)

(iii) Mess bill for a given month can be prepared only after the stock verification of food items conducted on the last day of the month. The procedure for mess bill preparation takes a minimum of 10 days.

The resident leaving the hostel should get clearance from the hostel office at least seven days in advance. Rooms are to be vacated during the hostel office hours only.

Security money is to be claimed within a period of one year after leaving the hostel after which it will lapse. No interest will be paid for the Security money deposit and mess advance deposit. In case a student does not join, but informs the hostel office within a week after payment of fees about her withdrawal, then all fees, after deduction of Rs.100/- (admission fee) will be refunded. In all other cases, no fees are refundable except the Security Money which will be refunded after the resident has paid all dues and vacated the hostel. All refunds will be made by cheques.

The fee should be paid not later than 15th of each month. After the due date a fine of Rs.5/- per day will be charged up to the end of the month. A fine of Rs. 10/- per day will be charged from 1st to 15th of the next month and Rs.20/- from 16th onward. The resident who fails to pay her dues within sixty days, may be required to vacate her room with immediate effect. A resident may, however, be re-admitted with the permission of the Provost, on payment of a re-admission fee of Rs.100/- in addition to the requisite fine.


Rebate on mess charges in case of absence with permission from the hostel are as follows :-

  • No rebate is admissible for absence of less than 7 consecutive days from the hostel excluding the days of departure and arrival. No rebate will be given to guests.
  • During a term, a maximum of 15 days rebate would be admissible, in addition to the University vacation.
  • For research students, mess rebate would be admissible for a total period of 45 days in a year, or part thereof beginning from 1st July of the year of admission to 30th June of the succeeding year in general, or 15 days per term or accumulated for 45 days if the resident so desires, provided she has stayed in the Hostel atleast upto 31st October. In addition to 45 days for field work recommended by the supervisor and Head of the Department a maximum of 30 days mess rebate may be admissible in an academic year.