About the Hostel

The Meghdoot Hostel accommodates full time post-graduate/research women students of the north campus of University of Delhi. The foundation stone was laid on 26th August 1989 by the then Vice Chanceller Prof. Moonish Raza and was inaugurated by then Dean of Colleges, Dr. S.S. Rana on 23rd Sept 1992
The hostel is having capacity for 100 residents. It has two blocks with 100 rooms. It is situated opposite to School of Open Learning (SOL) on G.C. Narang Marg. The internal administration and d iscipline of the hostel are vested in the Provost of the hostel.

The Provost is the administrative Head of the Hostel. For internal administration, she is assisted by the Warden. There is also a Resident Tutor who looks after extra curricular and cultural activities among the residents and their general welfare. The Provost, Warden and the Resident Tutor are appointed by the Executive Council of the University from amongst University faculty members.

The Hostel managing Committee, which is constituted by the University, supervises the administration of the hostel. Among other things, the Committee deliberates on and takes decisions about the long-term development and welfare of the Hostel, keeping in mind the value and antiquity of this institution.

The decisions of the Managing Committee are final and binding on all matters of seat allotment, admission policy, for both regular residents and guests, as also for all questions of fees, administration and discipline.